Our goal is to engage with cutting edge medical technology companies in order to successfully run the clinical trials necessary to bring products to market and safely help patients in need.


No challenge is too small

or too big. ​

ACMP Consulting provides comprehensive expertise for clinical operations of small start-ups by setting up the clinical and quality framework and processes; develop clinical strategic plans for all phases of trials, post-approval/continue access studies, as well as post-market registries; and providing expertise in all aspects of clinical trial/program management for companies and clinical research organizations. Finally ACMP can aide companies with conducting day-to-day activities. 

ACMP Consulting also provides comprehensive quality and regulatory support for effective clinical planning and timely completion of necessary tasks for successful product approval and/or launch, while appropriately mitigating the risks and effectively managing costs.

ACMP Consulting can support corporations in the merge/acquisition process by providing clinical due diligence of targeted start-ups. 

ACMP Clinical and Regulatory Consulting LLC is a life science consulting company providing clients with comprehensive clinical, quality and regulatory services. 

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"Adelina worked for me as a Sr. Clinical Project Manager from 2009 - 2011 at Abiomed, an industry leader in the cardiovascular space.  I highly recommend Adelina as an expert in all aspects of Clinical Research, Quality and Regulatory compliance associated with clinical trials. She has the in-depth knowledge needed to plan and successfully complete clinical trials of all phases, including post-market registries.  Beyond conducting trials in full compliance, Adelina drives the execution of studies in order to deliver results in the shortest time possible. I promoted Adelina and rated her as 'Outstanding' when she worked for me, and we have stayed in touch ever since.  Adelina can be counted on to deliver results!"

                                                 - Carol Pekar RAC

                                                    V.P. Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

                                                   Microchip Biotech, Inc.